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2011 Horoscope

Going by the studies, it has now become clear that there is a significant change in 2011 horoscope resulting from the addition of a new constellation in the zodiac circle. The ancient people had divided the sun’s orbit around the earth into twelve parts of 30 degrees each. Each degree is represented by an animal and also has a specific constellation associated with it. It is infact, these constellations that provide the base for the twelve zodiac signs. Depending on the date, time and place of birth, each person is categorized under a particular zodiac sign which defines the personality, characteristics, and compatibility status with other zodiac signs.

A horoscope is a diagrammatic representation of the position of the sun, moon, and planets at important times of a person’s life, for example, at the time of a person’s birth. It is used to predict what the day, week, or year has in store for the future of the person. In fact, a horoscope can also predict at a broader level the future trajectory of the person through out his/her lifetime.

Now a new phenomenon has brought about a significant change in the 2011 horoscope. According to Parke Kunkle, member of the Minnesota Planetarium Society, the Earth's axis has shifted since the past 3000 years. As a result, the Ophiuchus constellation has now become a part of the zodiac circle of the sun. In other words, the Ophiuchus constellation is a new addition in the constellation and like other constellations this too will have a profound effect on the people born under its influence.

Specifically, the Ophiuchus constellation will impact the lives of people born between November 29th and December 17th. On the positive side, the people will be intellectually stimulated, ambitious and successful in their careers. On the flip side, they will be more jealous and possessive by nature.

This being said, you can find what the year 2011 has in store for you based on your specific zodiac sign. Browse through the internet and you will come across many psychic websites predicting the 2011 horoscope. A horoscope cannot only predict your future but it can also throw more light on your personality traits. It can also explain why you get along well with some people and don’t with others.

The year will be very fruitful on the professional side, for most signs and more specifically for Leos and Aries. They will gain from the many years of hard work. People will encounter some struggles on the professional front but these will prove to be confidence building exercises and will not have a major impact on careers.

The 2011 horoscope also bodes well for personal relationships with many signs promising successful romance. However, people can also expect some fiery encounters but the storms will blow over. In most cases, these encounters will lead to introspection and some great self-revelations which will then set the foundation for more mature relationships.

The 2011 horoscope is also rosy for travel and education. The horoscope predicts that knowledge gained in specific areas will lead to more growth opportunities and people would be in a strong position to gain from their knowledge. In terms of travel, it would prove to be an ideal channel for bridging gaps in interpersonal relationships.

In the health front, the 2011 horoscope predicts greater self-care and awareness of health issues leading to prosperity. Most signs have been advised to maintain a balance between personal and professional life.

On the whole, 2011 horoscope predicts a positive outlook in all spheres of life. However, this is a broad overview of how the year will unfold. You can avail your own personal horoscope for 2011 from professional psychics. This horoscope will be specific to your circumstances and the exact time, date and place of birth.


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