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Email Psychic Readings


We offer a range of Email Psychic Readings to cater for your needs. Psychic Hope offers a service like no other, providing Genuine Psychic Advice on all aspects of life.

Email Readings Available

Readings usually take approximately 24 to 48 hours. Please contact us if you need the reading urgently and we will endeavour to process the reading as soon as we can.


LOVE PSYCHIC EMAIL READING: (Half Page $37.50 | Full Page $75)

No matter what qualities you are seeking in your perfect partner, our Love Psychic Email Readings can help you find the best possible match for a happily after relationship. Read more about our Love Psychic Email Reading.

TAROT EMAIL READING: (Half Page $37.50 | Full Page $75)

Email Tarot Reading gives you the flexibility in that you don't have to visit the psychic personally and can email the psychic at a time which is convenient for you. Read more about Tarot Email Reading

PHOTO EMAIL READING: (Half Page $37.50 | Full Page $75)

Your photo can reveal a lot about you, especially to our Love psychics who can channel their spiritual and psychic energy and unravel the secrets that lie hidden within it. Read more about Photo Email Reading.

ASTROLOGY EMAIL READING: (Half Page $37.50 | Full Page $75)

The position of the sun and other planetary systems at the time of our birth defines our characteristics, personality, and to a large extent, our destiny. Read more about Astrology Email Reading.

NUMEROLOGY EMAIL READING: (Half Page $37.50 | Full Page $75)

Psychics have long used Numerology as a tool to study the personality traits of the people and to predict their future. Psychics use name, birthplaces and date of birth for the calculations and predictions.The characters of the name and the date of birth of a person form the basis of Numerology Reading. Find more about Numerology Email Reading.

MEDIUM EMAIL READING:  (Half Page $37.50 | Full Page $75)

A Mediumship Email Reading is where our psychics use their metaphysical powers to transcend the barriers of time and space and connect with their guiding spirits and angels to bring back messages for their clients. In this state, they are like a medium or a channel that connects the mortal world with the immortal. Read more about Medium Email Reading.

PSYCHIC PROFILING REPORT: (Full Page $25 | In-Depth Report $75)

A Psychic Profiling Report can help you solve your relationship and other issues in life giving you a new perspective and psychic advice. A Profiling Report reveals your Life Path, Identity, Soul Identity, and Experiences, combining the use of Astrology, Numerology and Tarot all in one report. Read more about Psychic Profiling Report.


Palm Email Reading involves looking at the lines on your palms to predict your future and also give an insight into your personality traits. Read more about Palm Email Reading.



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Love Psychic Readings

UK Credit Card Reception:
- £22.50 for 15 minutes.


UK Premium Rate Service:
- £1.53/min.
Calls recorded, 18+ with bill payers permission, entertainment only.

*0906 calls cost £1.53/min (UK)
(calls from mobiles will cost more).
You must over 18 with permission of the bill payer. All calls are recorded.
Entertainment service provided by InverOak, PO Box 10015, Chelmsford, CM1 9HH.
Helpline .

TEXT a Psychic:

Simply text "ABCABC" and your question to
Texts cost £1.50 per msg.
Replies may be 2 msgs long. You must be over 18 with permission of the bill payer. All calls recorded. Entertainment service provided by InverOak, PO Box 10015, Chelmsford, CM1 9HH.