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What is meant by psyche?

In order to understand who the psychic readers are and what functions they perform we should first try to understand the meaning of the word ‘psychic’ itself. The word psychic owes its origin to Greek language word ‘psyche’ which means soul, spirit or mind.

The words soul, spirit or mind are beautiful to pronounce, hear and visualize. But they are very subtle and philosophical in nature and therefore it is difficult for common people to understand or grasp their real significance.

The words especially ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’ evoke some kind  of spiritual visions of, say, a  point, a circle or body of light that cannot be easily defined in normal human language much less understood. Similarly, the word ‘mind’ is also confusing. Sometimes, we equate it with heart or brain or just the faculty of thinking.

Nonetheless, the words soul, spirit or mind can be easily understood in terms of their implications, associations, byproducts or offshoots—thoughts, feelings, emotions and sentiments and their myriads of variations in hues, shades and colors. 

The thoughts, feelings, emotions and sentiments further generate what may be called the traits of nature that determine our personality. They are the foundation of our ego-self-conception, what we think we are-- and define its quality. The ego, again, produces various states of mind or thoughts that are broadly classified as virtues and vices of human nature.

The main vices, for example, are greed, lust, anger, love or attachment and vanity or sense - mostly misplaced and exaggerated - of self-importance. The main virtues, on the other hand, are defined by the lack or opposite of these vices. They can be called generosity, purity, calmness, serenity, equanimity, detachment, objectivity, compassion, respect and love for others.

These are the main offshoots or practical implications of our soul, mind, or spirit. We experience these thoughts or states of mind continuously. We almost cannot live without them. We may even be declared clinically dead if we stop thinking or responding to the stimuli around us.

We continue to think while we are awake and even during the sleep. Our thought patterns quite often express themselves in form of dreams, hallucinations and ghosts.

Human mind, its conscious, sub-conscious or unconscious states are generators and repositories of thoughts- active, semi-active or inactive. We generally cannot spend a second in a thoughtless state. Our mind remains in a perpetual state of activity. We cannot stop it form thinking howsoever hard we may try.

 As mentioned above, our thoughts are the main determinants of the quality of our nature or psyche. They define our actions and thereby the type of life we lead in the present and our future that will accrue out of it.

This brings us back to the main question: Who is a psychic?

A psychic is a specialist who deals with human ‘psyche’ with all its hues and shades that determine human nature and their impact on the quality of human life.

Psychics trace the origin of the nature of human psyche in the present to its past, which may span not only the past in this life, but also several lives before it. They envision the future of human life based upon its past and primarily the present.

Who are the psychic readers?

The enunciation of the visions of the psychics about the past, present and future of human beings are popularly called ‘readings’ and those who deliver these readings are called psychic readers. This also explains why the psychics are called mind readers or the seers of the future.

Psychic readers study, analyze or get an insight into the psyche of the clients and also the circumstances and the situations they are involved in and they  thus predict their future accordingly.

Psychic Readers

Psychic readers are the experts who have a deep insight into the psyche, the mind, soul or spirit of the clients and also their past, present and future.  They, therefore, not only make predictions about their future in context of their problems, but also tender them advice about how to achieve their goals.

The best way to find a psychic reader is to look for one in the city or the area you live in. Ask a friend or a relative who may have availed their services or check the local area yellow pages. If you are able to find a psychic reader in your area, you should consider yourself lucky. You can visit them personally-- interact with them face to face. There is no substitute to this kind of close, personal, physical interaction with the psychic readers.

Unfortunately, it is generally not always possible to find good psychic readers everywhere. The next best step is to search the internet and find out one who can serve your interests best.

There are three ways or mediums by which the psychics deliver their readings on the internet. The readings are generally known according to the medium of their delivery. Thus we have:

1. Online psychic readings
2. Phone psychic readings
3. Email psychic readings

1. Online psychic readings

As the name suggests, psychic readings that are delivered online through internet are called online psychic readings. The psychics who provide them are known as online psychics or psychics online.

They are so called because they are generally available online when the clients search them out for seeking their guidance or predictions.

Most good psychic websites have a platform or a format for giving online psychic readings. The clients type in their questions in the field in the format and the psychics type back their replies. It is like chatting on the internet.

Generally the psychics allow the new clients to ask a limited number of questions free of cost. It is like other businesses that initially provide samples of their products free of cost. If the clients like them, they buy their products in larger amounts. Psychics also provide free sample answers to the questions. If the clients are convinced, they become regular customers and are happy to pay the psychics for their services.

Free online psychic readings are provided without any obligation on the clients. Some websites ask the clients to provide their email addresses for sending them their newsletters and advertisements in exchange for free services.

2. Phone psychic readings

As the sub-title suggests, phone psychic readings are delivered over the phone. The psychics who provide readings over the phone are also called phone psychics for the convenience of the clients and searchers.

Phone psychic readings are probably the most popular form of seeking psychic advice and predictions because of their convenience. You can pull out your cell phone, dial the psychic’s number and start asking your questions anytime, anywhere. You may be walking, driving your car, traveling by bus, train or plane.

Phone psychic readings come in very handy in case of emergencies. You are going for an interview for your dream job. As you draw closer to the interview venue, you start losing confidence; your heart beat gets faster and you legs start shaking.

Who do you turn to for moral support at such moments? Your phone psychic, of course!

3. Email psychic readings

Psychic readings that are sought or offered through email are called email psychic readings. Email is the best medium for those people who have complicated questions or have lot to think before asking them. They have to decide what to write and how to write and it may need a lot of organizing, redoing before preparing the final draft. This can be done only in the peace and comfort of your living room.


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