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Psychic Reading

Love Psychics offer psychic readings to advice you on life, relationships, love, and even in money, careers & family matters.

What is a physic or psychic reading?

Physic or psychic readings deal with the human psyche. The word ‘psyche’ originated in Greek language and is synonymous with soul, spirit or mind. Psychic readings means reading what is happening in the soul or mind of a person. It, therefore, deals with our feelings, emotions and thoughts.

The word’ reading’ means a lot. It not only means deciphering a script, but also analyzing, understanding its deeper implications and interpreting them in a simple language for the benefit of a lay person.

It is rightly believed that lots of our problems are caused by the nature and quality of our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Positive and constructive thoughts make our life happy, healthy and joyous. Negative and morbid thoughts, on the other hand, can cause a host of psychological and physical diseases.

Thoughts and actions or karmas

Again, the nature and quality of what goes in our mind or spirit determine our karmas or the actions, which in turn, shape both our present and the future. The importance of psyche and what goes on in it does not end here. 

Every moment of our present is continually receding into past. It is also a fact that our past impacts our present and the present influences our future. This proves that our past, present and future are inextricably integrated with each other.

Going by the above explanation, psychic readings are an understanding and analysis of our thoughts, feelings and emotions, which in turn, influence our karmas or actions. The actions lead to consequences that shape our future. Based upon this study, the psychic provides counselling and guidance to resolve our problems and also get a new direction to our life.

All this process cumulatively is called psychic reading. It should be clear from this that a psychic reading is essentially an advanced version of psychiatric study and advice.

Who needs psychic readings?

Almost everybody. Howsoever successful a person may be, he/she still nourishes some desires or dreams that remain unrealized. Everybody has some knotty, intractable problems. People either push them under the carpet or learn to live with them because they feel they have no other alternative.

Some people also have mental and emotional problems relating to their careers and relationships with their spouses, beloveds, subordinates and colleagues.

History is witness that many powerful people have been in touch with astrologers, numerologists and other psychics. For example, US President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy Reagan often consulted psychic clairvoyant Jeane Dixon and later on another astrologer Joan Quig­ley. Jeane Dixon predicted the assassination of President John F. Kennedy seven years before it happened in Dallas on November 22 in 1963.

Then there are problems which people face in daily life. Most of these problems can be classified as under:

  • Relationships — with spouses, children, parents, friends, colleagues, bosses and neighbours;
  • Love affairs — dating, breakups, online relationships;
  • Careers and education — there is a huge multiplicity of confusing options;
  • Health — people continue to live and suffer with some of the common diseases such as cold, headache, allergies, gastric troubles.

These problems are as varied and unique as the people themselves.

If you find yourself facing a problem that is causing sleepless nights, you could consider consulting a psychic. A psychic can provide you fresh insights, new perspectives and can advise and guide you on the way forward. Seek the services of a good psychic and ask for a free psychic reading before you invest your money and part with your vital personal details.

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