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About Relationships

It is said that no man is an island. By our very nature we are social beings, intrinsically linked with the people who come within our sphere of influence. The link is what relates us with one another or defines our relation with the people in question. Relationships can be through blood, for example, between parents and children, or made out of choice, for example friendship and romantic relationships.

As children we grow up in a complex world of relationships, which to some extent govern our personality and how we shape up as adults. Then comes the teenage, marked by great hormonal changes and we get excited about our first attempts at adult sexual relationships. So is it love, lust or infatuation – the question remains unanswered and swimming in these turbulent waters, we enter adulthood. Here sex still remains an essential ingredient but we also long for trust, security, faith and an emotional commitment.

This being said, relationships are very complex and sometimes extremely difficult to maintain. In fact, relationships are very hard work. Given that no two people are the same, each partner, at some time or the other, has a different rhythm, a different tune, a different perspective and a different response from the other.

To make a relationship work, trust, willingness to compromise, a lot of resilience, negotiation, skill and humor are needed. Again, there is no fixed recipe for this. Life is unpredictable, people are unpredictable and accordingly, relationships too are bound to take an unpredictable road.

However, this is contrary to what people actually expect in a relationship. We often believe that relationships are supposed to take us away from all our problems rather than throw all our failings into greater relief. Relationship is a journey and both partners have to learn along the way. It is also a great opportunity for personal growth and shared happiness.

The bottom line is that when relationships work they are fun and a source of great security and pleasure, but when they don't they have the ability to make one rather miserable and depressed. On the whole, though, they do work and can be made to work, using the right skills and, most importantly, in co-operation with your partner.

All successful relationships are built on a strong foundation of freedom, support, respect, equality, healthy conflict resolution and trust.

Above all, relationships require commitment – a commitment to move on no matter what the obstacles. After the initial excitement, all relationships fall into a pattern and there are times people look outside for novelty. However, realize the same cycle would result even with your new interest. So instead of deciding you want to opt out of one relationship to enter into another, introspect and see where you are going wrong. Be detached and impersonal while analyzing, because it is easy to believe the fault is with the other. Own responsibility for your relationship and if you hang on long enough, the storm will pass and you’ll emerge all the more enriched from your experience.

Remember love is a mirror which reflects not your partner but you. In any relationship, it is you and not the object of your relationship that is important. When you shift the focus from the partner to yourself, you’ll find all the ways you need to work out a successful relationship.

However, if you are still not able to find your way forward, you can seek love psychic readings from our gifted psychics. Our love psychics combine great psychological insights with their visionary powers to guide you on the road ahead.

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