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All About Love

There are as many forms of love as there are people. For each individual, love is a very unique and personal experience. However, no matter what the experience, a love trajectory goes through three stages: Romantic feelings or a deep feeling of lust, physical attraction and finally, a deeper emotional commitment.

There are no clear cut markers differentiating one stage from another. In fact, love is a journey and these stages are a natural progression blended together in a life long stroke of love.

As said, love is a life long journey two people take together. What is important to note is that since it is a journey, it naturally implies that both partners need to be in step and they also need to keep going forward. When one or both partners are unable to do so, separation or divorce becomes the choice.

Now coming back to the three stages of love. The first, or initial, stage of love is romantic feelings or lust. This stage is very physical by nature driven by esterogen and testosterone. Mating considered to be is the evolutionary purpose and main goal of this stage of love. The strong physical attraction felt at this time sets the stage for a more stable emotional attachment. This stage of love is characterized by intense pleasurable sensations so much so that you feel that your partner is ideal, made especially for you. One word that best describes this stage is infatuation.

The second stage of love is the physical attraction. This is also the lovesick phase where you may lose your appetite, experience sleepless nights or even day dream about your lover. As in the first stage, hormones also make their presence felt in the second stage, notably the increased activity of norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin.

The second stage is also characterized by power struggles. In fact, this is the most sensitive stage in the journey of love. This is because at the first stage you are attracted by a certain person. The cause of this attraction may be personality of the person, charisma, attitudes etc., or it may be something that you can not put in words. However, once the tide of infatuation begins to go down, you come face to face with the differences that you had not observed earlier. This is why at the second stage is characterized by a power struggle in that you try to shape your lover into your ideal partner.

It can rightly be said that the second stage is the most difficult part in the relationship. Your efforts to change the person may have an adverse effect on your relationship leading to break ups or divorce. It is therefore important to tread carefully at this stage. Remember love is acceptance and love is surrender. Instead of trying to change the person to suit your preferences, let him/her flower in his/her own way.

If you are successful in crossing the second milestone of your relationship, you’ll reach the third stage and that is a final, deeper emotional commitment that can last the entire life span. This is a stage where you love unconditionally and there are no power struggles.

Love is a tool that you can use to negate your ego and become like a vessel for love to flow in. When you are in complete acceptance, love takes the form of eternal bliss.

As is obvious from above, the journey of love may or may not be smooth. If you are passing through a rough road, you can seek love psychic readings from our gifted psychics who can help you overcome obstacles and advise and guide you on the true path of love.

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