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Astrology Psychic

Psychics are people who have the ability to see things ordinary people do not see. They have this extra sensory perception that makes them see things like aura and the shadows of the future. They have a clear sight that helps them read things like the alignment of stars and the cards a person chooses. However, the future is not set on stone. The future is subjective that the decisions we make changes them. But certain steps help us achieve the future we want but ordinary people cannot see or do not have the ability to know them. Psychics are they to help people to see the things they want to know.

While tarot reading is one of the most popular modes of seeing the future, there’s another form for psychics to read things. It is called astrology psychic. Astrology as most people know it is the study of planets, stars and other matter found in the solar system. From the alignment of stars, there are formations that occur. This is called constellation.
Now. How does a psychic use astrology to predict the future?

Astrology psychics have the ability to map the location of the planets and stars for a person. They can also be used to predict a big events like success and war. The alignment of the stars, moon and planets are the main subject or medium used by astrology psychics.

Astrology psychics already exist even the ancient times. Astrology psychic started fifty thousand years ago when a man used the alignment of stars, moons and planets to predict a big event coming.

So, what are the uses of these planets to read the future?

The solar system is composed of different planets and balls of fire. Here’s their meaning:

Sun : the big ball of fire. Sun represents one’s ego. It gives a person his personality that makes him stand out from the other. The fire of the sun represent the outstanding personality of a person—his sense of leadership and authority.
Moon : moon is said to be the reason why high and low tide changes. It also affects the emotions of a person. It has the rule over one’s inner feelings. Moon is said to affect a person’s fertility that associate it with births and babies.
Mercury : the planet for the wandering soul.
Venus : The planet that is concern for one’s relation with another: love, friendship, family, compassion, work. It is also the planet of beauty and art.
Earth : the planet we live in. It represents reality of life.
Mars: a hot planet that represents one’s energy.
Jupiter: a planet that represents that good luck coming to a person.
Saturn: this planet represents the comeback of the things a person did. It is also known as karma.
Uranus : represent the modernity of life
Neptune: this planet represents the slow life – easy going people and happy go lucky.
Pluto : this planet represent change. Out with the old. In with the new.


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