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Astrology Signs

There are twelve signs of the zodiac. Each one of these signs is governed by a particular planet, which in has the ability to influence the nature and personality of the person who is born on a date which is related to the sign.

Understanding your zodiac sign can help you to understand yourself—your abilities and disabilities. Once you know your personal traits, you can choose your career, business, love or marriage partner more easily before it is too late.

Most people fail in their chosen careers or relationships because they cannot assess their own nature and personality through their astrology signs.  The study of astrology signs  helps to understand the personality of your partner in love or business.

You can assess how compatible you are with your partner to see if your relationship will be long-lasting, strong and successful.

Here is a brief description of personalities through their astrology signs:

21 March - 20 April

Aries personalities are adventurous and energetic. They are courageous, confident and pioneering. They are always brimming with zeal to take up new projects. At times, they also act impulsively precisely because of their hyper active and dynamic nature.

24 Sept - 23 Oct

A Libra personality is very sophisticated, urbane, diplomatic, charming, sociable, peace loving, incisive and highly cultured.

21 April - 21 May

Taurus personalities are trustworthy, warm-hearted, loving and patient listeners. They work for the success of their projects with determination and perseverance. Taurians love calm and secure environment.

24 Oct - 22 Nov

Scorpios are determined, focused, dynamic, passionate, powerful, exciting and charming people.

22 May - 21 June

Gemini personalities are versatile and adaptable. They are very intelligent and quick-witted and can communicate easily and convincingly.  A Gemini subject is lively and youthful and keeps his/her partner very happy and engaged.

23 Nov - 21 Dec

A Sagittarius subject has a very optimistic, jovial, honest, intellectual,  good-natured, fun and freedom loving personality.

22 June - 23 July

People born with Cancer sign are emotional, loving and affectionate. They are intuitive, imaginative, shrewd and cautious. They are quite protective and sympathetic with their loved ones. Once they take up a task they cling to it.

22 Dec - 20 Jan

A Capricorn subject is very practical, prudent, disciplined, patient, jovial yet a rigid person.

24 July - 23 Aug

Leo personalities are warm-hearted, charitable and generous. They are creative and zealous, loving, faithful, dogmatic and expansive.

21 Jan - 19 Feb

An Aquarius subject is an affectionate, friendly, humane, honest, intelligent, innovative and independent person.

24 August - 23 Sept

Virgos are shy, modest, trustworthy, practical, hardworking, focused, intelligent, analytical and meticulous people.

20 Feb - 20 March

A Pisces personality is highly imaginative, sensitive, caring, compassionate, empathetic, intuitive and selfless in its relations.

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