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As people we might see ourselves as individuals but the truth is that we are all part of an intrinsically linked cosmic universe and as in the stars above so in the world below.

The sun, stars and planets have always inspired a sense of wonder so much so that many cultures across the globe look towards the sky and see the face of divinity there.

The Hindu philosophy specifically talks about a cosmic dance which is at the same time universal yet very intimate. Astrology studies the patterns of this dance – the motion of planets in motion, our birth chart, our movements with others, and the make-up of elements.

Astrology falls under the category of metaphysics, or a study of that which is beyond the realm of the physical senses. It is similar to other fields that study energy patterns and intuitive arts like feng shui, acupuncture and yoga. It was studied long before recorded history and because of this it is also called the "Mother of all Sciences."

The study of astrology is based on the premise that the planetary movements influence the moments in time. Since we are an intrinsic part of the universe, our moment of birth is recorded on the celestial clock. The planets continue to move and their movements find reflection in our personalities, circumstances, action, reaction and our destiny.

Astrologers don’t just study the stars but they also draw on the myths and the symbolic associations and the wisdom of the past astrologers to decipher the encoded messages. They also study the long cycles of outer planets that show generational trends, and shorter ones, like the sun's annual journey through the Zodiac.

Astrology is amazing tool of self-discovery. At first, some of the pieces of the puzzle encoded in nature may not seem to fit but continue on the journey and at certain points of time, you’ll find the right clicks and soon enough, the movements of this cosmic dance will begin to make sense.

Sometimes, life seems like a series of unrelated events – many times you are left confounded by what unfolds before your eyes. In any such situation, astrology can be a comforting medium in that it can tell you that things happen for a reason – a reason which may not be clear to you at that moment of time but which has a bearing in the past or is an opening note for something that is likely to happen in the future.

Some people find it difficult to believe in astrology given that we are conditioned to go by reason than believe in intuitions and other metaphysical powers. However, astrology involves a different kind of wisdom. This can be better understood when we keep in mind the fact that we are part of the evolutionary process and we have yet not unravelled all of nature’s secrets. Astrology is therefore another tool to understand the mysteries of the cosmic universe and how they govern our lives.

Astrology generally involves the study three parts of your birth chart – planet, zodiac sign and house and how they affect your life. This section of astrology gives you a sense of what life lessons the zodiac sign, the ruling planet, and the house hold for you.

Astrology can give you a deeper understanding of yourself and those that surround you - with siblings, parents, bosses, children, partners and friends. By comparing your birth chart with your partner’s astrologers can alert you to the areas where your natures could come into conflict. Using this knowledge, you can work out the area of challenges and support each other to fulfil their individual destinies.

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