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Compatibility of Chinese Astrology Signs

Man is a social animal and cannot live and prosper without peace and harmony that basically come from adjustment, understanding and compatibility.

Relationships in love, marriage and business can run smoothly only if the natures of the partners are compatible and complementary to each other. The job of a relationship psychic is to identify traits that strengthen the sense of unity and compatibility.

Some partners have strongly opposed traits.  For example, while one spouse is a sports lover, the other is a scholar and fond of staying at home. If you are at variance with each other, go to a psychic and he will suggest that the home lover should become a homemaker and sports lover should become a bread earner. The psychic helps you to change the perspective and convert the negative thinking into positive.

If you are a Dragon personality, you have the nature of a visionary. You have grand designs and goals. You are willing to face all obstacles and challenges to achieve them. You have the tenacity to hold on to your ideals and dreams.

You are given to wearing flamboyantly and talking with an air of mystery about how you want to achieve your goals. You have the pride and confidence of a born leader and can attract people towards you because of these traits.

At times your dreams may be too big to be easily achieved. People think you are an unrealistic and maverick type of person.

Your partner should be one who understands your nature. He/she should encourage and support you in your quest for achieving your ideals. At times it is hard for ordinary people to live with dreamers.

Compatibility Signs Dragon

A Dragon personality can find compatible partners with Boar or Rat personalities. Rats are very practical, shrewd and manipulative creatures.  They can help the Dragons in achieving their aims with their cleverness. Pig personalities, on the other hand, are very pure at heart. They have calm and relaxed nature and can provide solace to the tensed nerves of dreamers.


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