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Distance Relationships

Many people are intimidated at the thought of maintaining distance relationships but realize that the differences in geographies do not have to mean a break up in relationships more so in the face of the fact that the modern world offers endless ways to communicate. So if you are willing to give your distance relationship a chance, there is every chance that it will survive and thrive.

To understand why long distance relationship can work, you first need to understand that with the change in times, the concept of love has also undergone a sea change. Till some time back, it was generally the case of one partner working and the other remaining at home. So love also meant security, both emotional and financial. However, in today’s times, both partners are more independent, economically and otherwise so they don’t look at the partner to fulfil all their needs. In other words, they want and are willing to give more space.

Then again, the Internet has changed not only the way we find information and the way we work but also the way we communicate. So even if you are in different lands, you can have video chats with your partner online at no extra costs.

This being said, it is always better to have the parameters of the relationship set at the very beginning. For example, you may have a transferable job or would be required to work for long periods in another country. Your partner may or may not want to relocate with you either because of choice or because of other commitments. So it is better to have all questions out in the open, no matter how awkward they are, because they will save you heartache and misunderstanding down the line. Be clear about what you want in your relationship with the person in question and see whether both of you are willing to give each other enough space (metaphorically and literally) for the relationship to work.

As already stated above, modern technology can help to bridge gaps to a large extent. For example, you can consider using instant messengers like Skype video chats to talk every day. A phone call may not be very practical in that it could be very expensive and you really won’t be able to see your partner. Defy the distance and incorporate other forms of interaction. They may well add novelty to your relationship.

Long distance relationships need communication to survive. Now compare this to couples who are staying together. Over a period of time, they have less and less to say to each other. So it is here that long distance relationships have an edge over those whose partners are at hand – you don’t take communication for granted. In fact, distance can actually keep alive the romance in the relationship.

In fact, there are some people who now prefer long distance relationships to being physically present all the time. This is because the mundane, the ordinary and the routine takes away the sheen from the relationship. On the hand, meeting once in a while but at the same time being there for each other can keep the relationship sparkling.

With this being said, it is important to keep the channels of communications open and clear. For example, a hurried email can cause a misunderstanding. So it is important to make sure there are no gaps in communications, no reasons for misunderstanding.

Finally, no matter how deep the relationship, everyone needs there space. So what is important is to maintain a fine balance between being there for your partner and giving him/her space. In case of long distance relationships, there is enough space already. To keep your relationship going, keep the doors of communication open to bridge the gaps.

However, sometimes distance relationship can take it toll on the people. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, you can seek confidential and compassionate counselling from our love psychics who can through their readings help you over come all the obstacles that you have so that you can enjoy a trustful and fulfilling relationship with your long distance partner.

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