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Famous Psychics

Arthur Ford

Arthur Ford was an American clairaudient and psychic medium. He was born on 8th January, 1897 in a small town of Titusville, Florida.  He studied Christianity and was ordained as a Disciples minister. He also served the US Army during the First World War.

When he was in France, he would ’hear’ the names of his fellow soldiers who were to die of the 1918 Spanish flu. Later, he also heard the names of the soldiers a day before they  would die. Strangely enough, the names that he mentioned appeared in the casualty lists exactly in the same order that he listed.

He also visited India and learnt the methods of conscious astral projection from the famous Hindu seer, Swami Paramhansa Yogananda. The Hindus addressed him as David, which means “Door to Heaven”.

Ford was also a Medium Channel and his guiding spirit was called Fletcher. He also visited the UK in 1927 and demonstrated his psychic abilities to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who wrote in London Express: "One of the most amazing things I have ever seen in 41 years of psychic experience was the demonstration of Arthur Ford."
He died on January 4, 1971.

Jane Roberts

Jane Roberts was an American psychic and a trance Medium. She was born on 8th May, 1929. She channeled a spirit entity and also her spirit guide called Seth. The spirit of Seth would take control over her body and speak through her.

She regularly channeled Seth in her trance and as she talked with him, her husband, Robert Butts, recorded the conversations. The trance sessions were called readings. They published the entire trance recordings on metaphysical issues in 1969 under the name of “The Seth Material.” Later on Seth started dictating his own books during the trance sessions. Seven books were published.

The entire record of the life and work of Jane Roberts is maintained in the archives of the Yale University Library. It includes her unpublished writings, personal papers, correspondence and audio recordings of her trance sessions and the Seth Material.

Julia Roberts also channeled the spirits of some other eminent personalities including philosopher William James and impressionist painter Paul Cézanne. She would automatically record her conversations using a typewriter.
Jane never claimed to be the author of the books that she published in the name of Seth Material. Some of the important books include:

  • Seth Speaks
  • The Nature of Personal Reality
  • The Unknown Reality
  • The Nature of the Psyche, Its Human Expression
  • The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events
  • Dreams, Evolution and Value Fulfillment

Jane died on 5th September, 1984.    


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