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Find Your Love

Society has come a long way from the days when parents routinely hired would-be matchmakers to find their adult children the so-called perfect match. We now have got the freedom to find our own match but there is a catch, and that is, it is not always easy to find true love.

One reason for it is the modern lifestyle. With both partners financially independent, expectations are usually high and the desire to adjust even less. However, the fact remains that we all need to love and be loved in return. In fact, love is a universal phenomenon. With this said, how to find your love?

One is you can still go the traditional way and consult a matchmaker. The matchmakers usually find people via referrals and also by scourging at cocktail parties, fundraising and other social events, charity balls etc. Once they find someone ‘suitable’ they arrange personal interviews after which it is up to you and the person to see if you both wish to take the matter forward. However, if you don’t want to hire a matchmaker, here are some tips on how to find your true love.

Be realistic: True love is not about great looks or big bucks. In the long run the priceless attributes that you should look for in your partner are not looks or money but a loving heart, dependable nature and a commitment to you.

Be honest: It is but natural that you would want to put your best foot forward when you meet someone special. However, it is important to relax and be yourself so that both you and your partner are not surprised when the mask comes off. True love is about accepting each other, faults included. If you and your potential partner cannot accept each other now, there are less chances you will do it later.

Consult a love psychic: If you are not able to find your love, you may consider a love psychic reading. Sometimes the answer or the path to true love lies in the stars. The psychics can suggest the way forward through astrology readings, tarot cards readings and other divinity tools.


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