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Find Your Love

how to find loveEvery person on this earth aspires to find true love. However, finding true love is not always easy. One reason is there are as many forms of love as there are people. With so many variations, it becomes difficult to find a true soul mate or a person with whom you are in complete harmony, in complete equilibrium.

While it is difficult, it is not impossible to find true love. A common mistake we all make is we don’t accept ourselves as we are or the other person as he/she is actually is. There are accepted conventions in the world and all people try to fit it within these defined ideals rather than being what they truly are.

So it may happen that you are attracted to a person even if he or she doesn’t actually fit in with your image of an ideal partner. But it is important to realize that an image is after all an image. An image is a static entity with no life but the form we give it. A person on the other hand is alive, dynamic, pulsating, exciting, and to a large extent unpredictable. Even he/she may not know what she would be like after a few years. So when you run after an image, you actually run after a mirage.

Given the above, the first rule to find true love is to be yourself. Never pretend to be something that you are not, just to get someone to like you. You may change yourself for a day or a few weeks or even for a few months, but after a period of time, you will surely want to get back into your own skin because that is the way nature wills it. So if you change for the other, you might just be in conflict with yourself. If you are not happy, you will make your partner unhappy and gradually you’ll find yourself in a vicious cycle and the only way to break from it would be to break the relationship.

If you accept yourself the way you are, you’ll find it easy to accept the other also. It is a common enough phenomenon that two very unlike people attract each other. And it in relationships like these both partners really need to be sensitive and aware to give the other enough space and accept each other as they really are.

So the first rule to find true love is be yourself and accept the other as he/she is. However, as a note of caution, you should also look out for fakers. If they are pretending to be something they are not, it will lead to issues later.

The next important to rule to keep in mind is never use sex as a way to get love. In fact, this is a common reason for problems in relationships. People get attracted to each other but if the attraction is simply at a physical level, it will not be enough to sustain a long term relationship. True love involves not just physical attraction but a deeper emotional connection that can lead to life long fulfilment. So if you are attracted to a person, go slowly and observe which direction the relationship is going before deciding that what you and your partner feel is actually true love.

Finally, keep an open mind at all times. Remember that true love may not be your best friend, rather it could be your worst enemy. This goes right along the type issue or he/she is not my type game. Sometimes even we don’t know what or who is right for us. Our stars and our destiny have a lot to say in the matter. So in the matter of love, trust your heart above your mind and have more faith in your intuition that in the rational and you will be able to find true love.

And if you wonder Am I in Love? or you still have some slight doubt in your mind about the person you love or if you still haven’t found your soul mate, may be you could consider our love psychics for love psychic readings that can guide you on the path of true love.



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