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How To Write a Love Poem

When the time comes to give a gift to your loved one there is nothing that compares to penning your own love poem that speaks volumes about your feelings. But if you think you can’t write poetry, here are some tips to help you craft those touching words that speak eloquently about your feelings.

Think of a specific moment that means a world to both of you. Aim for a moment that is truly intimate and quiet – a special moment which you both shared. For example, you may have driven your partner to a party and just before alighting from the car, your eyes met and you both smiled. Simply write about the moment and the promises it held obliterating everything else.

Now relate the event to the senses or emotions it evoked. You can also add a bit of a background if you wish, for example, how quiet the night was, the star lit sky, or the lingering of the perfume etc.

You can jot down these thought in bullet points so that you cover all the points. Don’t worry about making the points poetic at this stage. Close your eyes, remove all thoughts from the mind and just focus on that moment only so that you remember everything that happened to the smallest details. The finer the memory, the more detailed the thoughts and emotions and better the impact your love poem will have on your partner.

Now take your thoughts and jot them in pleasing order to describe the moment. While at it, focus on the person you are writing for – this will make the love poem all the more heartfelt. Also, don’t worry about rhyme or meter – focus on capturing the thoughts without forcing them into rhyme.

Think about if there are any similarities in the words you have written and and try to pin-point if there are any which that stand out, which could then be repeated as a refrain. Also remember to take heed at the length of your sentences. It will soon become evident any repeats, patterns, or potential for breaking down sentences into two. Play around with the sentences through moving them and seeing which sentences may sound better at the beginning, center or end of the poem. Make sure to keep in mind your main subject of your poem as you are editing your poem.

Do some editing and with this you will get the first draft of your love poem. Finally, write out your love poem in longhand on good quality paper and post it to your partner. It is one gift he or she will cherish for years to come.

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