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How To Write Love Letters

In the age of the email and text messaging writing an old-fashioned love letter is becoming increasingly rare. However, a handwritten love letter is a very personal way to express your sentiments and if you want to take this way out, here are some suggestions on how to go about writing it.

For a really romantic love letter, choose a nice paper with a beautiful background. Although a simple notebook paper will do, high-quality paper will add a nice touch and will show how much your care. Go for ink instead of regular pen and when it comes to the color of the ink, avoid red, green and blue – they are just too official. You can opt for black or brown or some other color.

The more heartfelt your love letter, the more it will have the desired effect on the recipient. So try to stimulate a romantic mood – you can do this by putting on some romantic music and dimming the lights. If you are located a long way off from your loved ones, tell them how much you are missing them. Or may be there was something in the day that reminded you of them, or how why tacking a challenging situation, you suddenly had a thought about them and what sort of reaction that evoked.

Also tell the person what you appreciate most about them. You may also wish to write about the future. Mention how much you look forward to seeing them again; and if you want, discuss some fantasies you have about your future life together.

Sign the letter and then add a personal touch something like spraying a perfume or cologne you always wear. You can put in an envelope and send through post or you can also roll the letter and tie with a ribbon and have it personally delivered.

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