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Even though love is a universal phenomenon and we all strive to love and be loved, yet when it comes to love, the problems associated with it are as varied as its definitions, or what people mean when they talk about this emotion.

So what is love? Love can be a relationship between two people which occurs when two individuals meet on an equal platform or it can be surrender, or in other words, an unconditional state when you accept your partner completely as he/she is without any demands.

Of these, it is the first type which can actually give rise to conflicts or what can be said as problems in a relationship. This is because when you are meeting as equals, problems are likely to occur when there is an imbalance. There are various ways in which the imbalance can occur. For one, when one partner is not able to fulfill the expectations of the other; one is possessive by nature while the other requires space; one wants complete attention, the other wants to find fulfillment in other activities.

In any such situation, love requires compromises, it requires adjustments. It is when one or both the partners are unwilling to bend from their respective positions, problems occur, which can compound to an extent that a break up seems imminent.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, you can seek counseling on love and relationships from our gifted psychics. This is because sometimes the answers that you are trying to seek lie beyond the mind.

Our psychics are blessed with metaphysical powers and energies that allow them to understand the vibrations of the cosmic universe. The psychics can help you cleanse the negativities from your being so that you are able to approach your relationship with a more positive state of mind. This will ensure that your love blossoms and you are able to accept each other’s virtues and frailties.


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