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What is Numerology?

Numerology is the predictive science that uses numbers as its tools to assess the nature and the future of the subject clients. It is believed that Pythagoras, the father of numerology, discovered the divine powers of numbers around 3,000 years back.

According to numerologists each number from one to nine possesses unique mystical vibrations of distinct properties that impact the behaviour and future of the people.

Numerology works on the basis of the letters of Alphabet in the name, place and date of birth of the person. Each letter is assigned a numerical value. The numerologists make mathematical calculations using their numerical values and base their assessment upon them.

Some of the typical problems that people in love face are:

    • To be sure if their relationship with the person in question will be successful

    • Their love interest does not reciprocate the feelings

    • To get their relationship back on track, more so after a breakup

Of these three issues, the first two are related to compatibility, both physical and mental—of the two people. The love numerologists assess the compatibility issues by determining the destiny numbers of the two partners from their names, places and dates of birth.

Let us say, both the partners have number one as their destiny number. In numerology one signifies a fiercely independent spirit, and in a relationship, this can be reason for trouble.

In cases like this, love numerology can prove to be very helpful in helping identify reason for conflict as also areas of common interest that can form a sound foundation for a relationship such that the positives far outweigh the negatives, or areas of conflict.

In dealing with the third common issue among the partners, that is, break up in relationship and the desire to get back to the partner, the numerologist can study the nature of the two people and once again advise areas of conflict and interests, based on which the people can weed out the problems and base their relationship on better understanding.

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