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Love Poems

If you are in love, chances are poetry will come automatically for there is nothing like love to get you all lyrical. So why not surprise your loved one with a heartfelt love poem written all by yourself? A personal effort is generally more appreciated than off-the-counter gifts. And if you have not given a thought to writing your own love poems, these tips may help you to get going.

Love poems work best when they are written straight from the heart. When writing your love poems, do not follow clichés to express your feelings. Keep your loved one in mind and express what you feel about him or her and don’t fret about taking artistic liberties. Whether it is a free verse or rhyme, your love poem will be lyrical if the feelings are honest.

Keep in mind that love is not all wines and roses. It is more about how you feel about the person – how her or his very thought can make all the burden seem light or make every effort worth it. Express how you enjoy being with your loved one and how the person’s thought can uplift the most mundane of all situations. Focus on your feelings and what you write will be poetry.

Your love poems don’t necessarily have to rhyme. Sonnets and haiku are equally great structures for your love poems. More than structure, love poems are about inspirations. Be creative, be honest and let your true feelings flow even if they don’t fit into the rigid parameters of a particular form.

As in case of all great poetry, love poems should flow off the tongue – the rhythm will come on its own. Once you have written the first draft, read it out aloud so that it sounds as great as it looks on paper.

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