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Love Poems

Love poems may sound old-fashioned but there is something about old fashioned things that make them terribly romantic. And in case of love poems this holds all the more true as you can express your self more eloquently than you could in general conversation.

Even if you don’t have a talent with words, why not give it a try anyway – for there is nothing like love to bring out your lyrical best and who knows you may actually fall in love with what you have written. And even if your love poem won’t win you a literary prize, it will surely be treasured by your loved one as his or her most prized possession.
Added to this is the fact that goes that a personalized gift means far more than one that is purchased.

While writing love poems, focus on the feelings rather than on the rhyme. Words that come straight from the heart have a rhythm of their own. So the most important thing about love poems is to let your emotions do the talking. Keep your loved one in mind and give vent to the emotions the person’s thoughts evoke. So write about what you love and you will love the poem you have written.

If you are comfortable with words, you may also wish to use the abstract or metaphors to express your feelings. In fact, metaphors and similes say more than direct words can so look up some great love metaphors on the net and try to use them in your love poems.

Again, you don’t have to follow any rigid parameters while writing love poems. You can go for a free verse or alternatively try our rhyme, sonnet or even haiku. However, don’t try to push your words into a particular form just for the sake of it – this will take away from the beauty of the thought process.

Once you are done with the draft, read it aloud so that it is as good to hear as it looks on paper. Work on the rough edges and your love poem is ready. Mail it by post of deliver it personally and rest assured your love poems will do more than any gift you have purchased off the counter.

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