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Rewards of Love Letters

A simple gesture of writing love letters can have a deep impact on your love interest. Writing love letters can be rewarding in more ways than one.

Love letters can build excitement. Each love letter is like a surprise gift that appears unexpectedly.

Writing frequent love letters can instill a joy that can help you endure the storms of life. It is difficult to imagine how a few heartfelt words of love written on a sheet of paper can work wonders.

Love letters can really add a smile to the lips of your loved one especially if she/he has had a difficult day at work or managing the kids etc.

A simple thing as a love letter can create hope in times of difficulty. A word of encouragement in a romantic love letter can give your loved one all the strength he or she needs to face the challenges ahead.

A love letter is a great medium for building bridges especially if you have had a disagreement. The receiver is generally moved to forgive and so it can help dispel bitterness and grudges.

A love letter encourages communication that results in a closer more intimate relationship. It can stir passions resulting in more nights out together, more flowers with a note, and more mornings with breakfast in bed.

Love letters also cultivate trust and commitment that keeps growing stronger with the passage of time. They promote more romance, more tenderness, more compassion and more fun.

A love letter can help relive stress by helping the receiver relax, laugh and maybe even cry happy tears. It can help to take the mind off the troubles even if it is just for a few moments.


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