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Star signs

There are many people who believe that no matter how much effort you put in your relationship, if the star signs are not compatible, it is destined for a failure. In fact, there are many cultures that use astrological charts to check star sign compatibility to predict whether the relationship is feasible or not. This belief is based on the fact that the planets and stars dictate the traits and how people interact with each other. This is why studying star signs for compatibility may help your relationship.

Star SignsAs said above, zodiac compatibility relies heavily on the basic elements in astrology. There are four elements associated with the zodiac: fire, air, earth and water. When two elements are combined, they can create the perfect combination of energy which in turn can create a perfect couple. Knowing these elemental signs beforehand can help in matching your sign with your perfect match.

The element for the zodiac signs Leo, Sagittarius and Aries is fire. The fire symbolizes energy, a zest for life and passion. So when two people belonging to these signs come together, there is an explosion of strong will and a battle for dominance. On the other hand, if you combine fire with the element water, what you’ll get is steam – a passionate relationship with its fair share of emotional clashes. Combine fire with earth and you’ll get lava so it is little wonder then people belonging to these signs are never a good fit.

The element earth represents feet on the ground. In other words, people born under this sign are practical and represent seriousness. The star signs associated with this element include Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn. The ideal match is a mix of any of these star signs. A relationship between people belonging to these groups will stand on firm ground. Combine earth with water and you will get mud implying moods and emotions that could be really extreme for example, one partner may be the thinker and the other a feeler.

The zodiac signs Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces are associated with the element water. People belonging to these groups are emotional and sensitive blessed with intuition and understanding. Bring two water signs together and you get a perfect relationship. However, mix water and air and you’ll get rain – an interesting but challenging combination of two very different people.

Libra, Aquarius and Gemini belong to the air element. People born under these signs are changeable, restless and value their freedom and independence. They are also open-minded and intelligent. Two air signs together result in wind. So there is a challenge in the relationship because of the strong wills of both the partners. Air and earth create dust while air and fire can blow away a relationship.

This is not to say that if you belong to conflicting signs the relationship won’t work. In fact, star signs simply show you why the conflicts occur despite all your efforts to keep your relationship smooth. In fact, a study of star signs and the compatibility and conflicts, can actually help you create a really strong foundation for your relationship. You can build on the harmonious traits and work at dealing with the conflicting ones. A study of star signs is not to show you why a relationship can or cannot work – it simply shows you the problem areas that need to be worked upon. So star signs are pointers to which path the relationship will go unless you step in. Ultimately which direction your relationship will take will depend on you and your partner.

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