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What is Spiritual love?

Spiritual love occurs when we are able to transcend the body and love at the spiritual level. Spiritual love means that love is no longer an emotion but the very state of being. This being said, it is important to point out that love is a journey which begins at the physical level and takes you up the ladder of higher levels of consciousness to a state when you attain spiritual love. Here in this article we will look at the major milestones in this progression.

The first manifestation of love is physical attraction. You meet a person and you are instantly drawn towards him/her. This is not usually love at first sight – it is more of an awareness of another person, or in other words, a person has a profound impact on you. As you begin to know each other, the attraction develops. This is the first stage of love. Some people also call this stage lust. Attraction also occurs when hormones come into play so there is a general confusion between love and lust at this stage.

However, once the initial excitement dies down, you are in a position to decide what you really feel for the person – whether the attraction was temporary or that you are a ready for a life long commitment with the person in question.

Basically, at this stage, there are two ways to move – one is to opt out and the second is to move forward and take your relationship to the next level. Now the second level is the emotional level. This is a stage when love becomes not just a physical relation, though that does still constitute an important part. However, it is now more about trust, security, and acceptance of the other person with all his/her faults and virtues.

The second stage is about mature love. It takes you to a deeper discovery of not only your love interest but also of yourself. For example, you become aware of traits in your partner which you were not aware of when there was just physical attraction between you two. You may or may not like these traits but how you deal with them also shows how you are as a person. Love at this stage also becomes about adjustment, of giving each other space, and of not taking each other for granted. Love is an important learning experience and it is not just about learning about the other but about yourself also.

It is important to realize that no two people are similar and so differences are bound to arise. These differences are what will test your love. If you are able to swim against the tide, you and your relationship will emerge stronger. At the second level, you will be able to tap the well of goodness that resides deep within you but remains covered by the ego. When you go out of your way to make your partner happy, you learn to do away with the ego.

So it is your strength and goodness that will propel you to the core of your being – a stage when love is not momentary happiness but the very state of your being. This is the stage of spiritual love and it is characterized by complete acceptance and you are at peace with yourself, your partner, your environment and the people you come in contact with.

This being said, it is not always easy to progress from one step of the journey to another. Remember opting out is not an answer – those who seek shall find. If at some stage you feel you need help, you can contact our compassionate and gifted love psychics for advice and guidance. Our psychics are blessed with metaphysical and spiritual powers which allow them to see situations not in fragments but in wholes so they can help you with the missing links that could help  build harmony in your relationship.


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