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Your Relationship

Here are some simple guidelines you can follow to maintain a healthy relationship...

Healthy RelationshipsLove is about giving and you can give only what you have. So first you have to see if you are actually ready for a relationship. What this means is that first be content with yourself, accept yourself, love yourself and finally, come what may realize that ultimately you can not rely on someone else for your happiness – you and you alone can be responsible for your happiness. In fact, this is a common mistake that people make when they are in love – they expect their partner to keep them happy under all circumstances.

Too often relationships fail because someone is unhappy and blames the partner for making him/her feel that way. In difficult moments, keep reminding yourself that you are good enough to have a healthy and happy relationship. When you are in a relationship, you are actually sharing your energy with your partner. So if you are happy, your partner will be happy. If you are miserable, your relationship is bound to go downhill.

Respect the differences between you and your partner. Remember that no two people are the same and so both you and your mate cannot agree on everything. Show respect for your partner and this will create an environment of trust, harmony and safety.

Communication is important in any relationship. All too often it happens that in the initial phase of the relationship, both people are excited about sharing everything – what happened in the office, views, likes, dislikes etc. However, gradually life falls into a pattern and then both partners begin to take each other for granted. As you move deeper into your relationship, silence will take place of the words. But till you reach that point, you must communicate.

Also, while communicating, keep in mind that right and wrong can sometimes be very relative, depending on individual perspectives. So your right may not be your partner’s right. Having a healthy relationship means that you have your own experience and you let your partner have his or her own experience. Your relationship should be about sharing and learning from each other’s experiences without issues and without ego clashes.

Do not do good deeds for your partner with an expectation of reciprocation. If you honestly analyze your actions, you’ll realize that you chose to do them because you wanted to do them. This is important because this shifts the focus of the point of action on to you rather than on your mate. So don’t hold your good deeds over their heads at a later stage. Never keep a score in your relationship - love is not a sport.

Forgiveness is the necessary ingredient for a successful relationship. We are all humans and are likely to make mistakes or give in to weaknesses at some time of life or the other. Forgiveness is a decision that helps you to let go the past, learn from the mistakes and carry on from there without a grudge in the heart.

Give your partner enough time and space. It is a common mistake that people in love generally make – love for them seems to mean that they own the person, mind, body, heart and soul. But this is not the way nature wants us to be – we come to this earth alone and leave it alone. There is just so much that we can share with the other. So give your partner enough time and space – there may be times when he or she doesn’t want to be with you – this does not mean rejection – it simply means he/she wants some time for him/herself.

This being said, problems are inevitable in any relationship. What has been mentioned above is more of a general guideline. However if you have a specific query related to your relationship, or even if you have still not found your ideal soulmate, you can seek love psychic readings from our very gifted love psychics. Our love psychic readings are available through phone and emails.

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