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Cancer - Horoscope Profile (22nd June - 22 July)

The zodiac sign Cancer is symbolized by a crab and is ruled by the mysterious moon. People born under this zodiac sign undergo a lot of mood swings in tune with the various phases of the moon. People born under these sign are restless and have a very fluctuating mind. Cancerians are usually unpredictable and can change their outlook of people very quickly. 

People born under this sign are usually compassionate, emotional, touchy, moody, oversensitive, home-loving, secretive, caring, protective, assertive and faithful. On the negative side, they can be dull, shy, timid, reserved, tactless, sulky, inclined to self-pity.

Cancerians love children, home, country, parties and romance. They often dislike failure, opposition, aggravating situations, advice (good or bad) and being told what to do.

As children, Cancerians are very attached to their mothers. They love to be cuddled and hugged and require a lot of attention.  While taking care of a Cancerian child you need to deal with their emotional shifts and help them to overcome their fears and anxieties. As parents, you would need to provide them with emotional empathy. You will also have to help them gain confidence by encouraging their artistic and creative tendencies.

Some of the famous personalities born under this zodiac sign are:  

  • Anne M. Lindbergh (June 22, 1907, Writer)
  • Mike Tyson (June 30, 1966, Fighter)
  • Maximilian (July 6, 1832, Emperor of Mexico)
  • Tom Cruise (July 7, 1962, Actor)
  • Pierre Cardin (July 7, 1922 , Designer)
  • Barbara Stanwick (July 6, 1907, Actress)
  • Dalai Lama XIV(July 6, 1933, Religious Figure)
  • King Henry VIII (July 7, 1491, Royalty)
  • Princess Diana (July 1961, Royalty)
  • Jimmy Smits (July 9, 1956, Actor)
  • Cat Stevens(July 21, 1948, Singer)

Cancerians see life through rose-coloured glasses. When faced with difficult circumstances, they would rather look the other way than take the bull by the horns. They also have a tendency to procrastinate and this is something they need to work upon.

There is a huge range of opportunities for Cancerians in various professions. They are blessed with the ability to judge what other people are thinking so they can be good writers and work in departments of public affairs. They can also be good politicians and journalists. They are also content to remain in the background and are not too fond of having the spotlight focused on them.

As they are home-loving people, they can be an ideal fit in occupations ranging from nursing to catering. They can as also be excellent chef or housekeepers. Cancerians have a knack of value and economy and so they can become very good traders or businessmen.

In terms of height, they may not be very tall. Usually, they have brown hair with pale complexions; foreheads are prominent, small eyes and short noses. Their gait may also be clumsy at times.

The main areas of health concerns for cancer are chest, breasts, digestion, elbows, stomach, womb and reproductive organs of the female. It is believed that they are more prone to breast cancer, piles, dropsy, pleurisy, coughs, weakness of vision, stomach ills, gastritis and varicose veins. They are really fond of various delicacies, and so some extra care is always advisable.

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