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Gemini - Horoscope Profile (22nd May - 21st June)

Ruled by the planet Mercury, Gemini is a masculine positive mutable air sign. You will find Gemini personalities highly adaptable, versatile, communicative, witty, eloquent, youthful, intellectual and lively. They love talking, anything unusual, variety, novelty and working on multiple projects at the same time.

The sign of this Zodiac is the Twins. People born under this sign are blessed with active mind and bodies. They look younger than their age and are very lively by nature. Typical Geminis are extremely charming, knowledgeable, curious, excellent conversationalists and do not like details. They can change their mind at the drop of a hat so at times they may not be very predictable.

To have a successful relationship with a Gemini, you need to be outgoing, smart, and adventuresome, else he/she will easily be bored. They are usually witty and full of fun. Life to them is to party and so they are outgoing and have many acquaintances. They love to charm people who come in their contact and because of this they don’t really speak what is on their minds.

When in a good mood, they are fascinating, gracious and charming companions. However, on the flip side, they can have moods swings and some of their acts can border towards cruelty.

Geminis are most compatible with their own sign and also with Libra and Aquarius. They also gel well with Taurus, Cancer, Aries and Leo. There are chances of having a tough going with Virgo and Pisces.

Geminis are usually successful in all walks of life. As they are good orators and often skilled manipulators, they can excel as diplomats, debaters, preachers, writers, journalists, teachers, authors, poets or lawyers. They are also suitable for the business that requires a lot of traveling.

Geminis can excel as traveling salespersons or may also do well at some brokerage work. As they possess logical, analytical and rational skills they are also successful as scientists and mathematicians. Besides, they can also do well in the fields of astronomy and medicine.

Given their commitment to duty, Geminis also perform well in the Armed Forces. Other options that Geminis can explore are music, art, painting, and sculpture. They can also be good psychic researchers.

Individuals born under this sign should take care of their nervous system, hands, lungs, shoulders and arms. They are also prone to the accidents pertaining to the upper part of the body. Apart from that, they should be cautious about pulmonary disorders like bronchitis and catarrh. As Geminis have a very sensitive nervous system they cannot handle too much of stress. They are likely to suffer because of their digestion system and problems pertaining to chest.

Some of the famous Gemini famous personalities are:

Ben Jonson (June 11, 1572, English Poet, Playwright), Aleksandr Pushkin (June 6, 1799, Russian Poet), Ralph Waldo Emerson (May 23, 1803,American Essayist, Poet), Queen Victoria (May 24, 1819, English Monarch), Douglas Fairbanks Sr. (May 23, 1883, American Film Actor),
John Fitzgerald Kennedy (May 29, 1917, President of the United States)
Marilyn Monroe (June 1, 1926, American Film Actress), Tom Jones (June 7, 1940, Welsh Singer, Performer), Angelina Jolie (June 4, 1975, American Actress), Steffi Graf (June 14, 1969, Tennis Player), and Anna Kournikova (June 7, 1981,Tennis Player).

People born under this sign are very expressive individuals. They have a Midas touch in their hands - what ever they touch seems to turn into gold. They may also express some affinity for different languages.

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