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Leo - Horoscope Profile (24th July - 23rd August)

Ruled by the Sun, this Fire sign is symbolized by the lion. People born under this sign are usually very warmhearted, generous, enthusiastic, creative, expansive, broad-minded, faithful and loving. They love speculative ventures, rich food, drama, kids, lavish living, pageantry and grandeur.

Leos are known for their dominating nature and so you may find them bossy and interfering at times but overall they are trustworthy. Typical Leos have various attributes such as loyalty, honesty and a spirit of self-sacrifice. They are ambitious, courageous, positive, strong willed, confident and straightforward. On the whole they are happy, generous, creative, spontaneous, warm-hearted, and enthusiastic. They are too sensitive and find it difficult to accept personal criticism.

Leos have a majestic personality more like what is associated with their symbol, the lion. In their love relationships, they tend to be protective of their partners. They will lend you a shoulder in your difficult times because they are naturally supportive.

Leos are supposed to be very caring but they tend to get ambitious and love to be the centre of attraction. Leos are very romantic by nature and can charm the wits out of people. You can expect anything from endless rose flowers to romantic candle light dinners. If you are in love with a Leo, rest assured you will never be bored. Leo are perfectly compatible with Aries, their own zodiac and Sagittarius.

Some of the famous Leo personalities are:

Napoleon Bonaparte (August 15, 1769, Emperor of France, Conqueror of Europe), Henry Ford (July 30, 1863, American Inventor, Automotive Pioneer), Edith Hamilton (August 12, 1867, American Mythologist, Author), Alfred Hitchcock (August 13, 1899, English Film Director), Jennifer Lopez (July 24, 1970, American Actress, Singer), Neil Armstrong (August 5, 1930, American Astronaut, First Man to walk on the Moon), Bill Clinton (August 19, 1946, President of the United States), Bernard Shaw (July 26, 1856, Irish Writer, Playwright), Jacqueline Onassis (July 28, 1929,American First Lady), Arnold Schwarzenegger (July 30, 1947, Austrian-American Film Actor), Madonna Ciccone (August 16, 1958, American Singer, Actress)

As professionals, Leos are very ambitious and are comfortable only when they are the top rung of the ladder. They do extremely well in politics and can also become good businessmen. They are blessed with leadership qualities and so they know how to maintain their position and delegate work.

Leos can also explore other options such as theatre, music, painting and films. They also have a fair for the dramatic and can do well in theatre and other creative fields.

Leos need to take care of their health especially heart. They should be cautious about their liver metabolism, spinal cord, spleen, pulmonary arteries, back, fore arm, inferior and superior vena cava. Individuals born under this sign should also take precautions against cardiac arrests, jaundice, eye problems, pericarditis and heart attacks etc. They should avoid tension at all costs since it can take a toll on their heart. 

Leos are represented by the symbol lion and like a lion they are the kings of their respective kingdoms, which could be their homes or even their workplaces. They love to remain in the spotlight, you will always find them basking in the center stage. The grand and magnificent Leos are very energetic and believe in enjoying their life of luxury. They would like to possess all comforts of life.

To sum up, Leos are generally considered to be very dominating and arrogant and while these qualities can not be ignored, handle them right and you will find that they can be very caring and sensitive also.


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