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Libra - Horoscope Profile (23rd September - 22nd October)

Considered to be the most amiable and sociable sign, Libra is an expert in the realm of interpersonal relationships. It is governed by the balance symbol which indicates equilibrium of minds.

Libra is represented by the element Air and is ruled by the planet Venus. Librans have great communication skills and so they are born orators. Libras love gifts, beauty, intellectual conversation, debates, attention, admiration and mingling with others. However, they do not like noise, sloppiness, ugliness, dirt, criticism, decisions taken under pressure and being rushed.

Libras are usually very active and hard working and so it is difficult to find a lethargic Libra. They normally do not get exasperated easily but when they do, it is like a cloud burst. They have a very strong sense of justice, intuition and foresight and can create an everlasting first impression on others. They love talking to people and are at the same attentive listeners. They have very curious presentiments and so they make superb occultists, theosophists and spiritualists.

Libras are very fair minded and peaceful people. They are also very diplomatic and great at finding solutions and compromises that could help them avoid conflict at both personal and professional levels. People born under this sign are considered to be successful speculators but they rarely understand the value of money.

Usually, Libras are highly sensitive people with a great sense of humour. As said before they are also very communicative and love company at all times. They are also very understanding and sympathetic people and are willing to help people in distress. A relationship with a Libran means sunshine and positive energy.

In their personal relationships Libras are very understanding and they would rather claims settled against themselves rather than spoil a relationship. They are very attracted towards the opposite sex, sometimes, to the extent of promiscuity. They may also indulge in romanticism bordering on sentimentality. 

People born under the Libra sign are more prone to ailments pertaining to depression of spirits, nerves, pains in the back, kidneys or may be severe headaches. The common health problems are normally due to excess of sugar or rich food and so they should take care to avoid these. They may also complain of lower back pain. Libras should avoid intake of alcohol to avoid damage to their kidneys.

Libras are blessed with analytical and brilliant minds and can become wonderful judges, diplomats or PR consultants. Their excellent communication skills are an asset to the organization they work in.

They love exchanging ideas and conversing with people of varied backgrounds. Before arriving at any decision they like to weigh the pros and cons of both the sides. Libras can also explore opportunities in other fields and can be good diplomats, referees, psychologists, counselors, artists and public relation consultants. Being natural artists they can also become successful interior decorators, graphic designers, musicians, dancers and painters.

Libras don’t make successful accountants, secretaries, bank tellers etc. As a boss Librans are quite efficient and they hate to procrastinate. Their energy levels stay unruffled even at the time of tremendous work pressure. Librans can rarely hurt anyone and know how to diplomatically handle situations. Being very intelligent and persuasive speakers, they can impress and persuade people to their side of the arguement. They provide a very healthy environment to their co-workers.

Some of the famous personalities born under this sign are

Arthur Miller (17th October, 1915, Dramatist), Oscar Wilde ( 16th October, 1854, Author, Dramatist, Poet), Brigitte Bardot (28th September, 1934, Actress), Eugene O'Neill (16th October, 1888, Playwright), Eugene Luther Gore Vidal (3rd October, 1925, Writer), Rita Hayworth (17th October, 1918, Actor) John Winston Lennon (9th October , 1940, Musician, Poet, Songwriter), and Walter Matthau (1st October, 1920, Actor).


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