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Love Songs

Love songs are great literary devices of all time. They are used in expressing emotions and feelings that coincide with love. Singers, in today’s time, have been focusing in this area since most people can relate to it in the least way they can think of. There are many areas of love songs. Love songs may talk about different topics such as unrequited love, friendship turned to love, serendipity, love nurtured and break-ups. It is important to know that love songs exist because love exists. They are one way, same with poems and quotations, in expressing one’s deep-seated thoughts and views about love.

What craft may the song focus?

A lot of genres in music are coming out. From time to time, record labels are producing different music from Rock, Country, Pop to R&B and Soul. These are song-building tools and techniques that are not chosen arbitrarily. Love song lyrics are matched with the melody they are placed into. For example, a break-up song should not be placed in a Pop melody so as a happy love song should not be placed in a requiem. Love songs are created by formulating different parts fit for the song’s message.

How does a song start?

Love songs often start with telling the premise of the story behind its words. Commonly, this is the most difficult task in songwriting – getting started. Also, this is the part where composers must be hyped up in order to create a connection with the listeners at the very beginning. In this part, the song will be able to tell the listener where it points to. Nonetheless, it is the songs job to take the listener to the right track where he/she would truly understand the song’s message. It is the job of the song to take the listener to the goal and keep him/her on the right course.

Which is more important – lyrics, chords, melody?

These are the essential components of a love song. Lyrics pertain to the words of the song. Chords may dictate the pitch simultaneity and harmony of the music. Melody, on one hand, refers to the tune or linear succession of musical notes in which the lyrics jives in. The answer to the question above is none. Every component is important. Love songs would completely be futile if it lacks the intensity of all three.

Why is the title important?

The love songs title is like the façade of the whole song. With just a minimum number of words, it is expected to present an impact to the listeners just by reading or knowing the title. The best way to know a love song is looking through the title. Love song titles usually contain the word “love”. Nevertheless, having the said word in the title is not required. It still depends on the love song maker to provide a title that truly fits the message of the love song.

Love songs are a great creation in the literary field. A person may directly reflect on the love songs because their words can come true in real life.


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