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Love Story

Love stories may come in different forms – writing, songs and movies/theater plays. It can be considered as a literary genre developed for quite a long time now. The primary focus of a love story is discussing how two people built a relationship and romantic love. The two people may start as strangers and eventually end up as couples satisfying their emotional and physical yearning of each other. Each story has its own plot and ending.True Love Story

Among the first love stories published is a romance novel by Samuel Richards entitled Pamela or Virtue Rewarded. The novel focused on the courtship of the male protagonist to the female protagonist. The point of view of the female protagonist was presented due the scenario. In today’s time, love stories expanded its range by bridging into television shows. TV shows and movies now portray a vast range of love stories like drama, comedy and teenage challenges.

In every love story first impression is always given a great interest. There is an old saying that, “First impression lasts.” This is partly true because a person tends to not forget someone who got their full attention in just their first meeting. After the introduction, the main plot discusses how the couple developed romantic love for each other. The relationship is built gradually until they realize that there is already something present that is not there before, deep romantic feelings and emotions.

Love stories also contain conflicts. These conflicts commonly spice up the story and test the love of the lead characters. In this point also comes the climax. These two are correlated with each other and generally discusses the theme of the story. Subplots may also be present. These may discuss other characters involvement on the story of the couple. Or, each protagonist is given sometime to talk about their past dealings in love and family.

A great love story must be emotionally satisfying. People would greatly appreciate a story that contains optimism throughout the plot. The conclusion may resolve the conflict or leave the story open-ended. In general, love stories provide great happy ending for the couple and penalize the bad guys. The couple is expected to fight their love through the end and never surrender against the plans of the evil antagonists. With this, the readers would greatly agree to its appeal and believe in a healthy relationship bounded by unconditional love. Love stories talk about the joy of experience happy ending in your love life.

There are subgenres of a love story. These are historical romance, romantic romance, inspirational romance and romantic comedy. The plots of these stories may be present in real life. Real people experience the same emotions the lead characters may feel. Some stories are not realistic but both real and scripted love are complex. Love psychics come in place for those people who engage in love conflicts. These experts are capable in creating readings that may help resolve real life conflicts in love. In this way, a person may obtain nice happy ending on his/her own love story which is not scripted or written.

Love is a major theme in music and films, take a look at Love Films & Love Songs to learn more about how love is expressed through these mediums.


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