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My love

Love is a universal experience. In fact, it is the only emotion that can help us find eternal bliss. With this being said, there are many faces of love – there are as many loves as there are people. So even though love is a universal experience, it is very much also an individual experience.

As already stated above, there are many faces of love. This is because love is a journey where the starting point is physical love or romantic love and the final rung is a stage of super consciousness or a stage when love in not an emotion but the very state of our being.

There are many stages between the first and final rung. So when we say my love, it refers to a certain point in this hierarchy. Now, you and your partner may have started the journey together but for some reason, both of you don’t move to the next rung together. This is when conflicts in relationships happen because now you have a different observation points.

Despite the conflicts, it has generally been observed that both partners don’t really want to break off their relationships but try as they might they are unable to resolve their issues. You may wonder why does the relationship between my love and myself seem so hard and talking to friends, family and even councillors also doesn’t seem to help. This is because the journey is very personal and the step on which you are on is something that only you know.

When nothing else works, people think of breaking their relationship and seeking love elsewhere. As it happened the first time around, finding the ‘right’ person may be easy but once the journey begins, the conflicts also begin. Now if you plan to break this relationship and try another one, you will be moving in circles instead of moving forward.

So how to break this vicious circle or not fall into it in the first place? If your love life is going through a rough patch, you can consult our gifted love psychics for love psychic readings.

Psychics are people who are gifted with certain metaphysical and spiritual powers that allow them to transcend the borders of time and space and see what is invisible to the human eye. Given their elevated state, they can easily see where you and your partner stand in respect to each other. They can help to resolve your issues and fill the gaps so that you are in perfect step again.

This being said, it is important to realize that love does not demand. Love is surrender and it demands surrender of the most difficult thing of all – your ego. So as you progress together on the journey of love, you learn how to give and gradually you reach an egoless state.

As you move higher, the conflicts, the issues that hounded you in the beginning, will start seeming petty and pointless. Slowly all these motives will die. And when love is unmotivated, it is the greatest thing that can ever happen to anybody. Then love is something of the ultimate, of the beyond.

Continue on this journey together, you and your love will attain the true form of love – love as a state of eternal bliss. In this state, you don’t love, you are love.


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