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Pisces - Horoscope Profile (19th February - 20th March)

Ruled by the planet Neptune, Pisces people are mysterious and alluring individuals blessed with versatile personalities. Despite their multifarious talents they tend to get confused very easily.

Pisces zodiac is symbolized by the image of two fish. The symbol depicts one fish heading upward while the other pulling downward. The symbol rightly represents the conflict in their personalities: Pisceans often find themselves at cross-roads and needless to say choosing the right path at times becomes a difficult decision. Pisces may seem to be lethargic at times but they are very energetic people - in fact more energetic than people born under all the other zodiac signs.

Pisces is a mutable water sign usually sensitive, artistic, imaginative, self-sacrificing, altruistic, sympathetic, adaptable and an escapist. Amongst all the zodiac signs, Pisceseans are the most intuitive and the most emotional also. Given their sensitive nature Pisces possess a miraculous understanding power that surpasses all other zodiac signs.

Again, given their sensitive nature they can easily put themselves in the shoes of other people. When it comes to possessing an understanding nature, nothing can beat the Pisceans. Indeed, people born under this zodiac sign can perceive and understand the situation of other people better than those people themselves. They can actually feel the pain of others and so they are always willing to lend people a shoulder to cry on in their difficult moments.

This zodiac is highly spiritually-oriented as a result of which Pisces mind is like an infinite ocean of thoughts and feelings. People born under this sign are quite helpful and benevolent by nature and this explains why many Pisces often enter into professions where they can touch the lives of others. They have a deep desire to do something for the society and so people born under this zodiac sign make good nurses, doctors, teachers or social workers.

It might take sometime for a Piscean to decide the right career path but once they decide, there is no looking back for them. In fact they are sure to excel in what ever they choose. 

In terms of love life, Pisceans seem to live in a dreamland of fantasies, which may or may not work in their partner’s favour. When in love, they are easy-going, caring, loyal, deep and creative individuals who can take their mates on cloud nine.

Apart from their dedication towards work, Pisceans are devoted parents and spouse totally committed to their spouse/partner and family. Given that they are highly emotional they can actually feel the pain of their partners. Pisces are a great source of motivation for their partners and can support them in the difficult moments of their lives. They are often moody and intuitive, and at times it is difficult to understand them.

If you are in love with a Pisces you might face certain ups and downs because of their mood swings. So, just be patient and you will realize that they like to give love and affection to others.

Some of the great personalities born under this zodiac include:

  1. Albert Einstein (March 14)
  2. Alan Greenspan (March 6)
  3. Michelangelo (March 15)
  4. Dr. Seuss (March 2)

All the personalities listed above had veritable geniuses in various fields such as physics, economics, art and creative writing. They all brought some change in this world with their dedicated efforts.

While at work, Pisceans make great and disciplined bosses. They also like to have an open-door policy for all the employees and treat everyone fairly. Co-workers usually like the charming, easy-going and personable nature of Pisces.


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