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Poems About Love

There is nothing like a poem about love to express your feelings and emotions to your partner.

In a time-challenged world, you may find it a bit trying reading through poetry books to find what you are looking for. The internet has simplified the process and so you just need to enter the term ‘poems about love’ in the search engine and you will come across several websites containing love poems by celebrated poets.

You can further narrow down your search depending on the emotion you wish to express. For example, you may have had some differences with your partner and wish for reconciliation. You can search for reconciliation poems and find what you are looking for within minutes. A love poem can be a very romantic and heart-warming gesture and in all probability it will do the trick and in no time you will be forgiven.

Then again, you may be finding it hard to pop the question or are feeling too tongue tied to express your emotions. You will find a range of love poems that express what you wish to say. From Shelly to Shakespeare, from Blake to Lord Byron, poets have written about the different phases, shades and moods associated with love and so you will definitely find what you are looking for.

Alternatively, you can also take up the pen and with the image of your Muse in mind, write a few lines of verse that aptly express what you feel. While your poem may not be shortlisted for an award, it will be treasured by your loved one for times to come.

Poems of Love

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