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Poems of Love

Search the Internet and you will come across poems of love that express all moods, shades, and phases that are generally associated with this emotion. From humorous to the philosophical to the deeply romantic you’ll find a range of love poems for all occasions,  by contemporary writers as also those belonging to the classical and romantic age. There are many websites that are dedicated to love poetry of all types - the comic and the tragic, the romantic and the erotic, the sentimental and the sensual.

You can also take time out to write down your own poem of love. Expressing your feelings by writing a love poem for your partner is one of the most intimate ways of showing your love. In history the greatest poets immortalized their feelings for their beloved ones through love poems. Many of those are still very popular today. And what the ancient poets did and contemporary poets do, you can do as well.

If you don’t have a way with words, realize that a love poem is more about message than form and so if you express feelings that are genuine and intimate, in the eyes of your partner it will probably be the greatest poem of love ever written.

This being said, you may find it difficult to find the right words to express your deep feelings. To overcome this obstacle, just relax and create a romantic environment – soulful music and dim lights et al and then think of your partner. Jot down the thoughts that come to your mind and introspect of what her or his thoughts evoke. At this stage, concentrate on simply penning down what you feel and don’t worry about the rhythm and form.

Use these thoughts to write your love poem. Take it easy, and don’t rush to finalize it too quickly. You can write a sonnet or even a haiku or otherwise write in free verse. Remember the more personal message, the deeper the feelings, the genuine your words – the more heartfelt will be your love poem and the more deeply it will touch the heart of the recipient.


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