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What Is A Relationship?

Relationships happen when we relate to a person. Relationships can be natural, for example, a relationship between parents and children or between siblings. But more often when we talk about relationships, we are talking about relationships out of choice and if we narrow down further, about romantic relationships between two adults.

A relationship happens when we are attracted to another person and the person in question returns our feelings. And when this happens, we say we are in love. Our first response is usually physical and that is perfectly all right – for after all we relate to the other through our physical senses.

However, love is a journey that starts from the physical and takes us to the very spiritual core of our being. It starts out as a relationship between two people who walk together in complete harmony, through thick and thin, through easy times and the difficult. It ends at a point when both people lose their individual identities and become one in spirit.

Simple as this may sound, relationships can in reality get very complex. It is said that in any journey, it is the first step that is difficult. However, in case of a relationship, the reverse applies. The hormones come into play and you are overwhelmingly attracted to a person who also feels the same way. Physical relationship, or lust, can take you to an all time high, but in the scheme of things, everything that goes up has to come down. So over a period of time, the excitement fizzles out and you are not sure where you stand in regards to your partner.

The same qualities that had a charm of their own in your partner, now become points of irritants. Your partner may also be angry because you are not giving him/her enough space. In fact, the very demand for space could raise your suspicions about your partner seeing some one else, or in other cases, a rejection of you. So what results is a strain in relationship.

At this point of time, you find yourself at crossroads, not sure whether you wish to continue with your relationship or move out because ‘things are not working.’ However, things cannot work on their own – you have to make them work. And to make them work, realize that the first phase of your relationship is over and that both you and your partner have to now move on to the next. If you remain, or wish to cling to the first step, stagnation will occur and stagnation breeds diseases. So when you are at crossroads, you’ll have to decide whether you wish to opt out or go forward and see what the next stage of the journey has in store for you.

The next level is the emotional stage, where after the heady rush of the first stage, you experience security, a sense of peace, a trust and faith in your partner. This stage of love is marked by the complete acceptance of your partner, complete with virtues and weaknesses. There is now a much deeper energy flow between the spiritual levels and it is this positive flow that can sustain a relationship for the entire life span. It is at this phase of your relationship that love becomes all about giving, of acceptance, of faith and of trust.

So if you are having trouble moving from one phase of the relationship to the other, you can seek love psychic readings from our love psychics who can guide and advice you on overcoming all obstacles that come in the way of your relationship!


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